Write-to-Earn or Write-for-Passion for Free

~ Author : Sunita Bansdawala ~

In this modern era, it is important to either Write-to-Earn or Write-for-Passion. I understand it is frustrating when talented writers, don’t have enough opportunities to showcase their work. I was among these writers, until the year 2015.

I knew that writers must upgrade their skills of writing content, stories, or novels. I also knew that words and sentences should speak to a million ears, but HOW?

I was upset when my talented fellow writers were turned away by publishers over and again. Simply, because they didn’t have any big name or any work published online.

Writers can earn in Content Writing.

Write-to-Earn: Content Writing Dimensions

~ Ghost Writing

~ Creative Writing Facilitator

~ Website Content Writer

~ Corporate Content Writer

Write-to-Earn: Opportunities for Writers

I began to write-to-earn as a second living, being a Freelance Writer, with various opportunities. Having job opportunities in all 4 dimensions: Ghost Writer, Creative Writing Facilitator, Website Content Writer, and Corporate Content Writer, was a blessing!

1) Ghost Writer: I was given a project to write a book for an experienced businessman, this was a blessing of the investment. It allowed me to finance myself for survival needs. In my first single project for professional writing, I began earning approx. USD 300 (INR 30,000) for 600 words.

2) Creative Writing Facilitator: I began training youth to published authors in 24 sessions. The youth aged from 12+ to adults, who wrote fiction and non-fiction. The institute paid me approx. USD 880 (INR 66,000) for training 12 students to become authors in 35 sessions.

3) Website Content Writer: Writing content for websites, clients paid me approx. USD 665 (INR 50,000) for website content of 4 pages.

4) Corporate Content Writer: Creating presentations for corporates (in soft skills – main modules of Leadership Skills, Time Management, Personality Development, English Speaking Skills, Customer Delight), using MS Powerpoint & Apple Keynote. Thereafter, delivering the training content to the respective trainers in a bootcamp. The client paid me approx. USD 260 (INR 25,000) for all the content development.

How to “Write-to-Earn”?

Join writing communities, and allow readers to comment on your short-stories. Accept whatever feedback they give you. Such as Writer’s Digest. This will allow others to know that you are on a journey for write-to-earn or write-for-passion.

Your passion to continuously write could be either to Earn-a-Living or for Global-Readers.

To be passionately writing, adding an introduction, body, and conclusion are all important aspects of a story, but it surely is not enough to become a Winning Story for a Contest. Therefore, when I began to write – 100 Traumatic Emotions in a Traumatic Surgery – my focus was on the emotions and reasons of the story. I followed my plan and Won the Second Prize in a National Level Writing Contest!

If you decide to be a Creative Writing Facilitator, it is important to train short-story writers with the essential skills of writing. Writing the descriptive and narrative genres in fiction stories will empower writers. Also training writers in non-fiction stories, as article writing, persuasive writing or spiritual writing is a specific art of writing.

In Website Content Writing, aiming for garnering professional words and sentences, will be a huge impact on readers who become clients. Hence, learn to engage the exact content for specific readers to generate traffic and leads for the business.

To be considered as a Corporate Content Writer, working with limited words on a PPT or KeyNote Slides, has to be written with precise words and word count, avoiding jargon vocabulary. The content has to be easily understood within a matter of seconds as the corporate trainer explains. After creating the content, and trainer’s notes, it is highly important to conduct a boot-camp training for the trainers. Your purpose is to explain how to train with your content, especially as you may include facilitation techniques, videos and audios, with brainstorming charts.

Develop your writing skills, beginning with the Stasis. Then move stepwise until the best part is reached – Resolution.

Step 1 : Stasis – Opening of your strong beginning in content. Process developed in ancient Greece by Aristotle and Hermagoras using 4 skillful steps of invention, conjecture, definition & quality.

Steps 2 – 9 : Requires to research and gain knowledge from books, writers or experienced people. Your ideas should be from transforming a simple sentence into a masterpiece.

Step 10 : Resolution, also known as the denouement, is the conclusion of the content’s plot. It is important with the ending sentences from the main idea.

Happy Writing! 

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