Teach English Creative Writing Essay: The Learning Gradient

~ Author : Sunita Bansdawala ~

How to write a story – teach English Creative Writing in an essay. The Learning Gradient explains how one can learn any skill, yet we will focus on Writing Skills.

The gradient starts low. However, while learning a certain skill in essay or story writing, whether it be new spelling, or even sentence formation, the gradient will steadily move upwards. The teacher will understand the students writer’s block.

How to write a story with the Learning Gradient. What is creative writing, will be explained in four steps. The writing process is explained easily.

This formula works well, especially in the skill of writing from Basic to Advanced sentences.

Teach English Creative Writing Essay by observing the image below : The Learning Gradient.

How to write a story – Teach English Creative Writing Process:

1. Speak – Tell = Say a sentence in 10 – 12 words.

Example of a Sentence : Mary had a gorgeous doll, which had long silky hair.

Follow the same sentence, but do as the instructions are specified, in the sequence below:

2. Demo – Show = Express the same sentence with expressions, hand gestures and voice modulation.

3. Simulate – Do = Write the sentence with the emotions felt.

4. Confirm – Ask = What does the sentence mean in their own words. Writers and Readers should be able to understand the meaning of the same sentence.

The Aim of the Learning Gradient :

The Learner becomes independent in self-learning of the new skill.

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