Common Man to Millionaire – Murtaza Diwan

Author: Sunita Bansdawala ~

The story of a common man, who becomes a millionaire.

Who is this Millionaire?

The industry is honouring innumerable business people who are growing to be successful. Yet, there is a name not known to the common man. However, known inevitably to the Civil Construction Industry, an empowered millionaire – Murtaza  Diwan.

I met Murtaza, at his residence in Mazgaon, Mumbai on 1 January 2020. His story is truly inspiring. Even though, he had innumerable challenges that he experienced until he became a humble millionaire, he continues to progress without the name and fame, that he truly deserves.

Murtaza was born into a family, where he gained tremendous support from his mother. Today, he is the most successful professional sibling amongst his elder brother and sister. Unfortunately, he never felt the love and affection from his father, who was a die-hard alcoholic. So Murtaza always felt that he had to provide financially for himself, from a young age of 14.

Murtaza & His Mother Bonded for Life

Being young as 14, Murtaza worked with Discovery Channel as a Puppet Masquerade for advertising purposes, for approximately two years. This was a good start to his career, even though he was still studying in school at Grade 9.  Thereafter, in his 12th Grade, Murtaza landed a job as a Recruitment Executive for Model Consultancy, under the guidance of Ms. Nazia.

Yet, during all his work assignments, Murtaza’s mother, Mrs. Rashida Rajkotwala did not approve of Murtaza earning and disregarding his academics. So she encouraged him that there will be a time to earn, after he completes his education. Thus, Murtaza acknowledged his mother’s wise words, but was not pleased to study in the Science Stream during his 12th Grade. Lamently, he failed in his 12th grade and then took a few gap years, approximately in the year 1992.

During Murtaza’s gap years from the ages of 18 to 20, he repeated his 12th Grade Board Exam, yet he yearned to earn. Indefinitely, alongside his academic tutoring, he was given another opportunity to earn his savings, in the Media and Television Industry. Forthwith, he passed his 12th Grade board exam, and was also simultaneously working as an Assistant Cameraman. Nevertheless, Mrs. Rajkotwala (mother) encouraged him to pursue engineering, he did so, but also continued earning his livelihood.

After balancing his academic and employment years, Murtaza graduated as an engineer, but despised the profession. His dream was to become either a psychologist or an MBA in business.

Nonetheless, not being able to pursue his dream field, certainly did not stop Murtaza from moving ahead in life. Murtaza was always optimistic as he believed several opportunities would be knocking on his door. Regrettably, unexpected challenges began falling like tumbling rocks upon his family.

Unexpected Challenges

Suddenly, Murtaza’s father, Mr. Zainuddin Rajkotwala, experienced a severe taxi accident, while he was drunk and walking home. Within minutes, Mr. Rajkotwala was rushed to the hospital. Fortunately, by God’s grace, Murtaza’s father miraculously survived, with three broken parts in his left upper arm.

After Mr. Rajkotwala (father) was discharged from the hospital, he was totally incapable of running the business. Therefore, Murtaza owned up to the responsibilities of managing the family business with his elder brother. Dejectedly, their business Raj Traders, was in a devastating condition, as they could not supply the number of sanitary fittings to ensure business growth.

So, Murtaza decided to leave the Media and Television Industry permanently, and focus on building the family business with monetary value. On the journey, of reconstructing the family business, Murtaza and his elder brother, Mr. Yusuf Rajkotwala were now joining together. Nevertheless, Murtaza did not expect the imponderabilia of situations that he would face with his brother or father.

While observing Raj Traders, Murtaza was depressed to see the state of the business. There was no growth, no innovation, no motivation or no drive to bring the business to life. Hence, Raj Traders was suffering huge monetary losses. Murtaza decided to discuss with his father and brother, of how to bring better business to the dying shop.

Unfortunately, his discussion fell on deaf ears, as Mr.  Zainuddin (father) told Murtaza to develop his own business. However, Murtaza was passionate to grow the family business of Raj Traders. Especially, because of his good sense of learning from his mother – support the family, through thick or thin.

So, on his own accord, Murtaza began to build network connections across Mumbai, maintained the professional relationships, and soon his network expanded until Gujarat.

Formula for Effective Business

From 2005 to 2010, Murtaza used his intellectual ability and the business began to increase substantially. Income was now being generated in lakhs of rupees, by 2010.

Murtaza explained the business formula to his father and brother:

“When the business is making 80% profit, then why should I not take a risk in a 20% loss.”

With Murtaza’s formula, not only did the business expand, but also he brought dead family properties to life, as residential properties. His negotiating skills with old tenants and private builders helped Murtaza, to be labelled as trustworthy. This brought a great name to Murtaza Diwan.

A strong belief that Murtaza Diwan believes in, “Hard work will automatically bring a good name and monetary gains to my family”.

Unfortunately, his formula was not digested well with his family, and since then his family’s hearts turned black.

Hearts turning Black

In the business situation, Mr. Yusuf (brother) was becoming jealous of his younger brother. However, nothing stopped Murtaza for growing their family business.

Still Murtaza never allowed his brother’s begrudging emotions to ruin him. He had put his soul and blood to create a booming business.

As the business kept growing leaps and bounds, within a few months, Murtaza was then married to his lovely wife, Ms. Tasneem Nasikwala. Both of them made a lovely couple and Mrs. Rashida Rajkotwala (mother) welcomed the couple with open arms.

Murtaza married his lovely wife Tasneem Nasikwala

In the meantime of happiness, Mr. Yusuf and his wife, had a treacherous and vicious desire for Murtaza Diwan to fall and lose in business. They intended to diminish all respect, he gained with his father and business colleagues. The conspiring duo were envying Murtaza’s success in bringing continuous profits to Raj Traders. Moreover, the grudge deepened as Murtaza was always commended on his efforts by his mother – he was the shining star of Mrs. Rajkotwala.

Suddenly, Murtaza’s world of compassion came crashing like a pile of pebbles, when his empowering mother was diagnosed with blood cancer. After three months, she died in 2012. Mrs. Rajkotwala (mother) left a painful void in Murtaza’s heart.

After Mrs. Rashida Rajkotwala’s sudden death, Murtaza realized that his mother had always set a vision for him. She silently protected him from his covetous brother and wife (Mr. Yusuf). Without Murtaza’s awareness, Mr. Yusuf and his wife’s conspiracy grew horribly against the young couple….

Mr. Yusuf began spreading vicious rumours about Murtaza, to their father. He told his frail father, “Murtaza is planning on taking all the properties under his name, and leaving us with nothing”.

Murtaza tried to defend himself, but his brother had already poisoned their father’s alcoholic mind. Mr. Zainuddin (father), Mr. Yusuf (brother) and his wife began to physically and mentally torture Murtaza and Tasneem.

The horrendous situation became extremely severe, for approximately one year. Within the brink of violence, on a particular day, Murtaza could not handle the torture any longer. He packed his haversack bag, held his wife’s hand and walked out of the family house, without gazing back. Murtaza and Tasneem left without any personal finances or property deeds, to start a new life.

Starting a New Life without Family Support

Somehow, with his mother’s blessings, Murtaza and his wife found an apartment on rent, only three hours after they left their family. Murtaza was not able to set his mind again on doing business, since he was dwelling in depression. His brother and father began spreading rumours that Murtaza stole money and gold from them, and was surviving on their money.

Fortunately, Murtaza’s trusted friends and business connections were strong and bold. They told Mr. Zainuddin (father) and Mr. Yusuf (brother), that they were telling lies. So Murtaza is grateful with his life lesson:

“Always be honest, truthful and with integrity to the people who ensure your growth”.

After a few months, when Murtaza brought his mind back on track. His personal friends and business colleagues, believed in him and started giving work to him. He had to supply material to construction sites and interior designers with related products, such as Italian tiles, granite, marble, sanitary ware and many more.

Since, Murtaza created a name for himself when he joined his father’s business, it was always a boon as clients trusted him. They became his well wishers.

Murtaza Diwan’s Well Wishers

Till date, Murtaza always has a strong presence with his business colleagues and friends, because of his heart warming response, leading to trust. His well wishers have been with him through the most challenging times, and also encouraged him.

Murtaza has taken a conscious oath to always be a lifeline of his following well wishers:

Hussain Lakdawala – Scintella Designer

Jaffer Diwan – Ex-Corporator

Shabbir Tambawala – Sizer Metals

Kutub Kapasi – T.V. Kapasi & Co.

Akhtar Pardawala – Quality Tools & Bearings Centre

Murtaza Bhai – MFR & Co.

Manish Bhai – Komal Ceramic

Murtaza Diwan has continued to work strenuously for 13 years independently, as of date.

Since, the millionaire has a golden heart, even though the torturous betrayal of his father and brother, had left a void in his life, he decided to always support his family. Till date, Murtaza ensures his family and extended family, are not struggling financially.

Murtaza provides monetary business for his well wishers and family to collaborate, for survival of their respective families.

Through the years of hardship, Murtaza sought after his focused goal of opening a business. So simultaneously, he had generated enough funds to open his own organization, called Versatiles.

The Birth of Versatiles

In 2016, Versatiles was born. Today in the year 2020, Murtaza has three colossal warehouses1,000 square feet warehouse in Mazgaon, another 2,000 square feet in Bhiwandi, and the largest 4,500 square feet in Darukhana, all three in Mumbai.

The warehouses have stored and supplied the best material for the Civil and Construction Industry. Versatiles boast with the finest quality of Indian and Italian tiles, granite, sanitary ware, plumbing fittings and fixtures sold across Maharashtra and Gujarat States. A retail outlet in Bhindi Bazar in Mumbai is prominently displaying various samples of the material.

Metal House in United States of America

Murtaza Diwan has made a mark for himself in the United States of America, too. He has created a business of building metal-homes and supplying to the US Miltary in Houstan, America. The architecture and interiors are designed by the growing enterprise of Versatiles.

A positive trait of Murtaza is that he doesn’t have a permanent team working with him. Hence, he believes in 0% investment policy and 0% labour. He hires his team, when and where required. He pays and compensates them, once the work is completed.

Over the years of integrity and honesty, along with hardwork, dedication and willpower, Versatiles is earning in crores, as of 2020.

Murtaza’s next goal, is opening a chain of retail stores across Mumbai.

A Millionaire’s Success Message

“Learn the tricks and trades of any business and implement them, in your OWN BUSINESS. Overcome the challenges to survive in this world of emotions or betrayal”.

Thank You for Reading

“Common Man to Millionaire”

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Common Man to Millionaire

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