Mother to Successful Motherhood

~ Poet : Ruhi Sharma ~

Mother to Motherhood

Mother a boon,

Motherhood a sturdy journey.

A love from womb,

To love from soul.

Morning sunshine turns to night,

Mug of coffee turns to feeders of milk,

Gorgeous look turns to dwindle,

Dreams of career turns to stress,

Dressing sense turns to tousled.

Sleepless nights to sleepless mornings,

Restless journey to restless life.


An unconditional love to conscious life,

An admirable journey to memorable life,

Your own reflection to own childhood,

You cherish the wonders of tiny steps,

Accomplishments of your toddler milestones,

Sunshine ever through the roots of luv.

Mother’s Love an upbringing to nurturing to healing throughout the life. 

“Mother’s by Spirituality” to “Mother by Choice”.

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