Jungle called “World”

~ Poet : Ishan Nagpal ~

Jungle called World

I am lost in jungle called world,

here everyone is reserved.


Here all have their aim ,

all play here as a game .


Every stage is difficult than previous ,

here  development is so obvious .


Here one is permanent,

here all are a short term investment .


All want to be king in the jungle ,

but unfortunately is not so simple .

3 thoughts on “Jungle called “World”

  1. Ishan nagpal Reply

    Really this world is just a trap
    Move apart from this trap and try to live the peace not just a life
    Do you agree?
    -ishanagpal author of the jungle called world

  2. Mukesh chawla Reply

    True words….
    I really appreciate the author ishan nagpal
    It is really great I am inspired usually I don’t read blogs but first line of the poem attracted me to come here it’s really great poem!
    Keep writing

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