Essay Paragraph Writing By Dev Priyanshu

Written by : Dev Pratham Priyanshu
Creative Writing Facilitator: Sunita Bansdawala

Topic : My Amazing Mother

While writing an essay of any topic, a strong beginning is very important. It will ensure that your reader feels eager to read further. Hence, the writer, Dev Priyanshu, is able to connect through a practical sense, for writing his essay’s first paragraph, “My Amazing Mother”.

Dev explains different aspects of senses and vocabulary, in writing his first essay paragraph. Also he states the reasons in his paragraph, according to the context. Dev has explained the paragraph in a sequence of his ideas beginning with a strong beginning. Thereafter he explains the physical features, and continues to write the facial features.

Senses Elaboration in Essay Writing

See, Hear, Smell, Taste and Feel are the most important aspect of showing an essay to your readers. Yet you don’t have to add all the senses in your paragraph. Three or Four senses will be sufficient.

In the paragraph below, Dev has used four senses in his accompanying sentences. The senses have been stated in brackets.

My Amazing Mother Paragraph – By Dev Pratham Priyanshu

The moment I stepped into this world, God had gifted me a beautiful, priceless, caring and most loving present (strong beginning). That is my own super amazing mother. My mother is about 5 feet tall and about 60 kg (see), having a flabby body figure. Yet, she has a healthy and glowing complexion (see & feel), as her home made organic products are wonderful (reason for glowing). While observing my mother carefully, I notice her flat forehead, thin blackish eyebrows and dark brown almond-eyes (see). The round nose and soft pink lips (see), compliment her face (positive attribute). I enjoy pulling her chubby cheeks too (feel). I am truly proud of my mother, Madhumita Dash! (feel)

Essay Paragraph Writing - My Amazing Mother
Dev with his Amazing Mother

Adding More to Paragraphs

Writers may also add figures of speech in their paragraphs, to enhance the writing skills further. Figures of speech such as similes, metaphors, personification etc is also appreciated by readers and examiners.

More information on writing sentences, based on complex writing can be found on :

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