Colourism – A Boon or A Curse?

~ Author : Shikha Sood ~

Should the colours be demonized!!

Colours are supposed to be fun, perhaps God created colours to entertain us, make us feel good with abundant variety around us. However, the manner in which human race has demonized skin colour is unfathomable. This is as lame as a Cedar tree telling a Banana tree – “Oh! Your leaves skin colour is so light and beautiful!!”…..huh! It doesn’t work this way…..the diversified flora and fauna is created to relish each one’s uniqueness and not to look down upon the others.The biosphere works on very simple rule of balance and it has enough place for everyone and everything except for greed.Unfortunately, human race has been totally taken over by lust, greed, ego which is not only leading to anger and dissatisfaction within them but within everyone around them.


Racism – A Global Pandemic 

Even in the so very advanced 21st century and from the world’s most civilised and developed societies we seem to have totally misunderstood the concept of colour.This is one thing which doesn’t separate First World nations with the Third World ones.  It is so simple and beautiful entity yet made so complex and difficult by our mucky mindset. When we hear a huge outcry and turbulence of discrimination due to skin colour,  it not only puts entire humanity to shame but also validates the subtle or stark racism that prevails across the globe


Power of Diversity Misapprehended

All apartheid related episodes are a reminder indeed that humans enjoy segregation rather than the power of collaboration. Humans have fancied to use their intelligence in shrewd ways. In order to dominate over other fellow humans, they put people into sections and enjoy power over others. The way people are defined and identified by their colours is absolutely low level thing. Instead entire human race in could have collaborated for a greater cause.


Impact of Intent is Stronger than Words

Not sure why this stigma kept seeping through very effectively to future generations. Though there are no scientific or logical basis but the way this bias has passed from one generation to another is very subtle and almost seamless .Interestingly, bias simply permeates facilely. As they say, our kids do not listen to what we preach them,rather they watch our actions and observe our intentions.It’s true that the message our words convey is far less then the tone and intent with which they are conveyed.So it’s high time we acknowledge this power of intent over words and act wisely.


Let’s make the Future World better

We all largely believe and claim to destigmatise society of the colour discrimination ,however in our day to day lives either we commit this crime or we are a victim to it. We have to stop superficial support to the real demonic issues and continue lives with our shrewd ways. We cannot any longer be only politically correct and we need to really mean that the well being of all fellow human beings matter…..


Everyone matters… After all!! 

  • ..all lives matter be it human or other animals, be it black or Caucasian…. however here i will say that the lives which have lived under prejudice for generations need our humility and acknowledgement with due apologies that they genuinely do MATTER. 

Cover picture credit: Sangram Naik

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4 thoughts on “Colourism – A Boon or A Curse?

  1. Kartik Sood Reply

    Superb articulation of the message in the article. Loved the writing and choice of words!

  2. Ulte pulte chillers Reply

    Wow.. superbly articulated…..
    In a typical family born to same parents, apartheid begins at home.. parents don’t discrimate but everyone else does..
    One of the reasons being a hyper glamorization and association of skin color with beauty in the text by writer and it’s impact on social thinking at large.
    The first thing we need to condems/restrict is any text , reference or discussion when someone mentions color as attribute of beauty, though it’s a praise, but it’s like drawing a bigger line to make it smaller, even when no one has any control on bearings.
    To make to next lever is Indian political agenda, thought saffron in flag represented our values, bit now it seems to be a color of specific dominance. Never thought green would mean anything else but a mother nature, but suddenly wearing green for some selectivs means ideology, as if colors makes you so transparent that people can read your thoughts and feelings.
    When comes the election, colors take a different convocation, blue I thought was yang, but suddenly gets anyone an elephant status, so does red makes you associated with greens.
    One solution is ban colors, let’s go back to mono chromatic Life, atleast it would only be one color battle to fight as opposed to multi color armies we deal every day.
    वसुदेव कुटुम्बकम vs अहम ब्रहमस्मी

  3. Ulte pulte chillers Reply

    Pardon my French 🙂 for all grammatical and spell errors 🙂

  4. Rajesh Naik Reply

    Hi Shikha, it’s superbly articulated by you a globalise issue of racism.

    I think this is not only between first countries and third countries but also prevail in our country/society.

    I like your concept and explaination on this globalised racism issue. Congratulations on your work. keep it up 👍

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