A Celebration Where People Get Together

~ Author : Keya Bhatt ~


It’s a pleasant evening, the sky full of twinkling stars gazing at the docile sea, whereas the moon light falling on the fine sand. The atmosphere was getting cooler and cooler, one decided to put up a bonfire. It composed blazing charcoal and humongous logs crying for help as they were seized by the fingers of the frazzling fire.

One could see humanity in all shapes and manners: a bevy of chirpy girls and barbaric yet sober boys, old, young couples, children, siblings, abrasive individuals, people with a high nose and in the state of being filthy rich. 

As the evening gets darker, kids rigorously try to build castles in the mire with their small palms and fingers, after which look dishevelled and messy. Some of the mothers in apprehension, paranoid about the mud in the child’s hands and feet. Whereas, some individuals hogging at the counters. The stalls decked up with confetti and plates with sugary doughnuts, liquorice, candies. Appetizing noodles, meat balls, croissants, soup cooked in cauldron with soup sticks served in earthen pots, pizzas heaped and loaded with cheese and various toppings, fruit punch mocktails for the young ones and cocktails for the older. 

I observe naughty yet cute kids nibbling and slurping in long tails of noodles like hanging baby earthworms. Two reputed couples with a glass of wine and feta cheese in sticks finding their way to the mouth. Some of the jolly oldies singing songs, teenagers throwing shapes in the melodious music and cuddling couples dancing hand in hand. Some clumsy boys spilling drinks on their clothes and gossiping girls in the corner.

While, some jolly lives barbecuing cottage cheese smeared with a lemon-butter paste, corn assortments and sweet potato bites with cans of sodas and fizzy drinks.  

Coming closer to dawn, the night sets quiet and serene, people yawning and toddlers falling asleep in their mother’s peaceful laps. The wind engulfs everyone in its arms and the atmosphere mellows down, the chattering loses its sound while the bonfire decides to go easy, where the coal and logs accept their sacrifice for humanity, burning down nervelessly. The night just sweeps away until the tweeting of birds wake us up.

6 thoughts on “A Celebration Where People Get Together

  1. Nishith Bhatt Reply

    A very good effort. Choice of words surprisingly good for one in your age group. Keep this up.

  2. Binu Reply

    Well written Keya, an ambience well created by your awesome writing, well imagined thought. Keep writing

  3. Falgun Reply

    Excellent!! The deacription made the evening come alive… waiting for more exciting stuff..

  4. Pramila Mam Reply

    Very creative Keya! Craft’ature , expressions & imagination is reflected through every Word. Keep writing…. Best Luck to you Keya!!!

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