5 Elements of Essays & Stories

Author : Sunita Bansdawala

The 5 Elements of Essays & Stories are explained with crisp information below. Over a period of time, stories have been categorised as : best essays, composition writing, content writing, creative fiction, creative stories written by students and adults, including many more.

Yet, the elements of writing are quite similar for any essay or story! Freelance fiction writers or students will learn important English skills.

To be a strong writer, one should follow the 5 Elements of Essays & Stories to be garner the skills of creative writing.

The 5 Elements of Essay & Story Writing are:

1. Strong Beginning

The First Element of Story Writing : Analyse classic novels story beginning sentence, and identify the key words used to catch hold of the reader’s interest.

2. Power Vocabulary

The Second Element of Story Writing : Power vocabulary are words which are boring that need to transformed into better stronger meaningful words.

Boring vocabulary is also known as dead words. Hence the reader becomes bored of your story and stops reading. Our link below will show you in detail, how to use power vocabulary.

3 . Five senses elaborated

The Third Element of Story Writing : While writing your essay or story, ensure your readers can be in your story. Use the five senses of see, hear, smell, feel, and touch to engage your readers with your ideas.

Also, adding colour words to your essay, will bring a vivid description of your entire picture that is in your mind to the reader. The elements of colour are extremely important for your story. Words such as crimson red or aqua blue, has a strong effect on your story.

Read more on how to write colours, explained in detail on Colours explain Paragraphs link.

Paragraph describing colours in an essay

4. Sequence Flow of the Essay or Story

The Fourth Element of Essays & Stories : Add connectives into your story. Connectives are words that lead your character and reader to move through the flow of your thought process. For example, using words like then, and then, and then, and then, will make your story boring and dead.

Better connectives to use are, thereafter, henceforth, strolling ahead, moving along and further more, will leader your story character and reader along the same path of the story.

Helpful connective vocabulary to write in your story can be found below :

Connective Vocabulary for Essay Writing and Story Writing

5. Story Analysis

The 5th Element of Story Writing : Your story needs to have an introduction – body – conclusion. Therefore, to become a better writer, read books that you are interested in, of any author. While reading analyse the introduction – body – conclusion.

The best novel in classics to read, from my perspective in building vocabulary and sentence formation is important. Hence the best book that I have read, is Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Download the same PDF classic, on the link mentioned below.


More classics can be found on Planet Book

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