1 Day Travel & 4 Days Breathtaking Goa Holiday

Travel Buster is a way to move away from your own comfort zone into a holiday zone. My visit to Goa at Radisson Blu Spa & Resort in Cavellosim was out of this world because of the breathtaking scenario and hospitality.!

The experience of Radisson Blu Resort & Spa was mesmerizing from the first day of the visit. Our package was 4 nights and 5 days inclusive of all meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner in September 2022.

The Reception Lobby

As my husband (professional photographer for the trip) along with my son and I, stepped into the Reception Lobby, a massive ship was seen displayed – The Santa Maria Ship.  

Passengers Travelled via the Santa Maria Ship

As legend has it, the ship sailed all the way, with Portuguese folk to Goa decades ago. The ship has been refurbished and is a wonder to gaze upon.

The Rooms, Patio & Bathroom

As we entered the room, it was spic-and-span without a speck of dust anywhere. The two house-keeping staff, Ashwin Barretto and Ashish Gomez, cleaned and sanitized the room and bathroom with extreme care.

While we travel, we believe the rooms should be cosy. Certainly they were spacious and could easily accommodate a family of 3. The beds were truly comfortable, with the cotton white bedsheets, warm duvets, and the pillows felt as if one’s head fell upon a soft-cushiony pearly white cloud for a sound slumber. Radisson Blu really knows how to keep their rooms sanitized!

The room was well equipped with basic amenities like teas, coffee, kettle, hair dryer, locker, etc. Whereas the bathroom had an overhead shower spritzer and hand shower to suit your personal needs. The bathroom had its shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, and dental kit with clean white towels and bathrobes.

The patios were quaint for just 3 people. Yet the Business Room had a wider patio, compared to the Standard Room.

Surroundings & Ambience

After a smooth check-in, and relaxing after a long flight from travelling from Mumbai to Goa, I began to stroll around to review the surroundings and ambience of the resort. 

It was rather joyful to hear the ducks and ducklings quacking on the lush green grass near our villa.

Strolling on the soft green grass and gazing up at the tall coconut trees, tempt one to sip the sweet coconut water. Those clusters of coconuts seemed like they were patiently waiting to be served to the Radisson Blu guests.

Strolling on the Soft Green Grass

The swimming pool area had a large pool which was cleaned daily by the house-keeping team. Also, a lifeguard was stationed near the adult and children’s pool. Dipping into the pool was extremely refreshing!

The Mesmerizing Beach

As we strolled for 10 minutes down the private lane created by Radisson Blu to the beach, we listened to the birds melodiously singing and waves calling out. It was definitely magical for city people as you gaze upon the sunset! Travel to any beach location is always my favourite!

At the beach, stepping on to the white sand while it squishes through your toes, feeling truly therapeutic! Your children enjoy the sandy moments in their own world.

Travel to Goa's South Beach
Travel to Goa’s South Beach

The Food & Beverage Team

The Food and Beverage Management Team, in Goa, namely, Mr. Farhad, Mr. Arindam, Mr. Abhishek, and Mr. Naveed were extremely professional and truly courteous at the same. 

The Chefs Mahesh Ishwar, Kamlesh Singh, Sujan Mokhadkar, Louisa de Costa, Nilesh Gavalkar, Sarvesh Gaonkar, Kavya Shetty, and Debashish Bisahal have enticing cuisines and extraordinary culinary skills. They certainly deserve a Michelin Star!

These experienced members of staff have really done wonders for Radisson Blu!

Exotic Meals at Upper Deck Restaurant

Walking past the swimming pool area, then up the wide staircase to the Upper Deck Restaurant was a fancy way to reach the restaurant.

At the restaurant’s entrance, we met Ashmita Khadadkar, our restaurant server. She was incredibly hospitable with extraordinary customer delight. She guided my family and I to our dining table and served us a chilled glass of water. The most inspiring aspect of Ashmita, even after working long hours, as an Asthma survivor, she always had a wide smile.

My family and I were led by Ashmita around the various dishes of the buffets and then taken to our table. The table was elegantly decorated with a silk white table cloth and diamond shaped table runner, exclusively reserved for us.

My favourite breakfast dish – Poached Egg Royal with Idiyapam: Idiyapam is a South Indian dish, made with noodles. The noodles had been delicately cooked so the poached egg with Handisus sauce would balance carefully upon it. As I cut the egg, the yolk oozed over the noodles creating a volcano flow of yellow lava. This elegant dish was much better relished with idiyapam, and not with the typical toasted bread.

Poached Egg Royal with Idiyapam

At Brunch, my favourite was – Zuccinni Tzatziki: Feta and Zuccinni Greek Compote would make the whitish creamy blend with different flavours of subtleness. The disc melts into your mouth with amazing Greek flavours. This dish is a favourite at the Greco Restaurant next to Upper Deck. 

Zuccinni Tzatziki

A favourite starter: Tomato Consumme: Chef Sarvesh Gaonkar, created a new drink-starter. This was a drink like a Taquilla shot, but non-alcoholic. As you gulped it down in one shot, you could taste the burst of baby sweet tomatoes, jalapenos, basil herbs. It was an extraordinary starter that I ever had!

Tomato Consumme

Bidding Farewell

After relishing all these meals, in breakfast, lunch, and dinner, our stay at Radisson Blu Resort & Spa was coming to an end. Yet we had an amazing time, being in the presence of mother nature, incredible hospitality, and fine-dining memorable moments. I would say this experience was a moment of magic for my family and I.

We wish the Radisson Blu Team all the very best to reach the Number 1 position globally amongst the Radisson Group of Hotels!

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